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July 31, 2013

Ground Breaking Platform Combines Fast, Intuitive Search, Stunning Visualizations, and Long Term Storage for Ultimate Security Visibility.

San Diego, California—July 31, 2013—PacketSled, Inc., an industry innovator in data security analytics, today introduced PacketSled Toboggan, a revolutionary new way to address information security threats in real-time. Historically, CISOs and security teams have had to rely only on log data generated from network perimeter devices or full-packet solutions in order to identify and attempt to contain security incidents. According to Verizon’s 2013 data breach investigations report, more than 66% of all attacks are left undiscovered for months or years and more than 77% of discovered attacks take between days and months to contain. Until now, retaining months of full packet data has been cost prohibitive and leaves customers without an option for a forensic record of events when they it most. PacketSled Toboggan shortens the discovery window and solves for the data history problem by combining rich security “metadata” for thousands of protocols with deep analytics, and interactive visualizations for all network events. This approach results in the ability for customers to attribute attacks to individual actors, hosts, or malicious code, irrespective of attack type by drilling into massive quantities of security data very quickly. The platform provides visibility and protection against advanced persistent threats, zero day attacks, email based vectors, botnets, spearfishing, and others. Unlike other solutions in the market, Toboggan is capable of operating at 10Gbps, wire speed, allowing it to process billions of events in real-time as well as in post-breach scenarios. This provides analysts the deep, insightful data that is required to identify cause, correlate events, and plan effective remediation measures. “The reality is that for all the investment in protecting and hardening networks and applications to date, organizations are still failing to understand these attacks in a meaningful way that future proofs them. We provide easy access to protocol elements like email addresses, logins, URLs, and files accessed, over billions of records, in an easy-to-use interface. Toboggan will change the way threats are addressed, giving security organizations visibility, predictability, and a path to address unknown threats. ” said Matthew Harrigan, the company’s President & CEO. PacketSled is headquartered in San Diego, CA. and builds next generation big data security analytics products for the enterprise and cyber security applications.

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