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“Eventually computers are going to do everything. I don’t think anything is safe. Nothing.”

Scott Hassan, co-author of the code for Google’s search engine, founder of the research lab, Willow Garage.

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Why PacketSled?

We live in an economy increasingly dominated by connected devices, an economy that is moving swiftly to the cloud. As these waves occur, cyber risk is becoming more important and more complex to manage. With the powerful intersection of cloud, mobile, and the internet of things, business and technology executives are increasingly seeking a common understanding of cyber risk.

But who should drive this discussion? Infrastructure protection used to be the domain of technologists, of security professionals, talking to technical executives. Those days are long gone. Headline-making breaches once seemed to be 100-year events. Now they happen on a weekly basis – and the cybersecurity conversation has moved into the board room. Security executives need to give their business counterparts the assurance and the metrics around cyber security.

As a result, enterprise executives want to access the most effective and efficient partners and technologies. We aim to be that partner. PacketSled is a team of veteran security professionals who have created a platform that is core to managing your security program. Simply. PacketSled delivers a combination of unparalleled network visibility, Threat Hunting and incident response.

We know that breaches and cyber attacks need immediate attention. PacketSled deploys in minutes and delivers a priority list of actions immediately.

We believe in the power of information sharing, and common threat intelligence, so we automate this knowledge, empowering your entire security team to leverage the work of your best analyst. PacketSled integrates seamlessly into your existing security tools, providing a single pane of glass for continuous network monitoring. We also work relentlessly to improve the platform – new integrations, new capabilities, better usability - so that one person can do the work of ten. So that you can sleep at night.

Our connected economy grows faster and faster with each passing day. As the complexity of cyber risks and threats continue to grow, we will shine a light on the dark spaces of your network. So you can be strategic. So you can build your business. So you can make a clear presentation to your colleagues and your board about positive steps you are making on security and risk management. With PacketSled as a partner, your company will have more confidence in the maturity of your security program. Empower your security team. Today.

Who we serve

We work with clients of every size and type – including health care exchanges, financial institutions, defense contractors, professional sports franchises, universities and many others. All of our clients share a common goal: to empower their security teams to fill the gaps in their security program.

Direct or through your preferred partner

PacketSled forms direct relationships with larger clients, while also working with partners (resellers and MSSPs) to connect with small to mid-size clients, or clients who have fewer security staff on site.