Global Network Visibility and Monitoring in Real-Time 

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Full Network Visibility is being able to see all traffic (in real time) traversing a network – including your internal environment and the public cloud. PacketSled is a powerful Network Visibility tool that uncovers blind spots in your network.

It will allow you full visibility – including being able to go back and see exactly what was happening on your network at a precise moment in time. You'll discover activities you did't realize were occurring on your global network. 

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PacketSled is a unique platform designed to fill your security gaps. Simply.
  • Network Visibility, Network Forensics, Threat Hunting and Incident Response in one platform.
  • Continuous monitoring: detections and alerts, fine-tunable to reduce noise.
  • Helps maintain PCI Compliance and other government regulations including (SOX, GDPR, DFARS, ITAR, etc.)
  • Full-packet capture with Time Travel: find the threat when it started.
  • Time from detection to remediation improves by 10x.
  • Force multiplier. Find issues fast. With fewer resources.
  • Our threat intel feeds integrated with your own.
  • Support for Enterprise Risk Management.

"Show me everything that matters, grouped. Immediately”

- Sebastien Tricaud, Principal Security Strategist at Honeynet 

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