Security Team

I’m a CISO/C-Suite

I want to be confident that our Cyber risk is well-managed

The typical large enterprise sees cyber security as one of the top three priority items facing its board today. This priority is framed in the context of risk management. PacketSled thinks about security, network visibility and threat hunting from the perspective of risk management. Ask us how we can support you with risk management and compliance frameworks such as GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and NERC/FERC.

Installed in minutes

We can be installed in minutes for instant visibility on all of your internal and external traffic, helping you fill any gaps in your security plan. PacketSled is committed to easy integration into your workflow and into other systems.

Powerful platform with unique capabilities:

  • Validate security controls are properly applied

  • Connect cyber risk with network behavior and business context

  • Support for enterprise risk management

  • Improve threat detection time by 15X. On average advanced threats take 30 days to detect. With PacketSled, it is less than 48 hours

  • Identify threat stages in real time

  • Reduce your time to remediation

  • Network, Visibility, Threat Hunting and Incident Response in one platform

  • Drive higher ROI by helping your team ask better questions of your in-house technologies

  • Easy integrations

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Risk Management

Risk management starts with awareness — and it's the threats you don't see that create risk you can't manage. PacketSled's network visibility platform and risk assessment offerings will shine a light on the dark parts of your network, delivering a holistic view that enables you to hunt the threats that matter most, and manage your true risk.

Why let your internal network be a black box? Privacy and data protection are top priorities. Know where data is stored and who accesses it. Identify third parties with risky activity. Detect data leaks. Validate that the protections you rely on are actually working. And if you do get breached, leverage PacketSled as a first responder, to mitigate losses quickly and provide data to support your compliance obligations.

PacketSled gives you mission critical data – in context – to support compliance with a variety of controls for network security, monitoring and data protection. Plus powerful capabilities for Threat Hunting and incident response. Regardless of where you are in your security maturity journey, we can help. Talk to us today to understand how to fill in the gaps in your network and help you raise the bar.

Support your network engineers, too

Give teams powerful tools:

  • Identify data leaks and rogue machines

  • Assist with capacity planning

  • Achieve full Network Visibility

  • Defend against DDoS attacks

  • Enable easy integration

All-software, continuous network monitoring