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Job description

PacketSled has a functional product and paying customers. We need to harden our engineering and quality control processes so we can scale. We want to build and deploy software with a minimum of friction and a maximum of confidence. As the lead software development engineer in test, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and improving systems to support that goal.


You will design, plan, and prioritize the creation of quality assurance systems, ranging from static analysis and unit testing to release processes and collaborating with the operations team on the monitoring of deployed systems. You will explain your designs to the rest of the engineering team, incorporate their feedback, and take a hands on role in implementing these systems.

You will need to build relationships across the company so that you can keep track of the state of the business, and use that to prioritize your team’s work. You will also be responsible for hiring, managing, and mentoring the quality assurance team, and for communicating the state of the business and how affects the team’s priorities to them.


You must have experience designing and implementing automated quality assurance systems, and be able to articulate why you designed them as you did, what worked well, what did not, and how you resolved problems that arose. You must have excellent interpersonal skills and written and verbal communication skills.

You must be a fluent programmer, and able to quickly learn new programming languages as needed. You must be comfortable installing, working on, and administering some kind of Unix-like operating system. You should have at least a basic grasp of TCP/IP networking and computer security, and an interest in learning more.

The position requires traveling to San Diego twice a year for a week long summit for the whole engineering team. The other two quarters of the year the summit will be held in Seattle. Additional travel to conferences and customer sites is possible if you are interested but not required.

Finally, you must be a US citizen and agree to a background check. This is a constraint of the industry we are working in. The position is in Seattle, WA, and local candidates are preferred. We cannot provide relocation assistance. We welcome applications from women and minorities.


PacketSled provides a flexible, humane work schedule. We expect you to be available during the majority of normal west coast business hours, and to be in the office most days, but if you need to wait for a delivery or watch a sick kid, by all means work from home.

We provide two weeks a year of paid vacation, during which we expect you to be out of contact entirely.

We provide Gold level health insurance for all of our employees, with an option to buy up to Platinum. Our sick leave policy is: if you are sick, stay home.

Apply to: careers@packetsled.com

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