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This Week in Cyber Security

A few interesting news stories you may have missed this week and last, relevant to Cyber Security or the Internet of Things (IOT).

This Week in Cyber Security

By PacketSled

Nov.25 - December 8, 2018 

  1. Marriott says as many as 500 million Starwood guests' data may have been breached -  Read Here
  2.  Dell forces password reset on customers after hack attempt but took five days to do so - Read Here
  3. 12 states file lawsuit against medical record data companies - Read Here
  4. The Plan to Turn New York Into a Capital of Cyber Security- Read Here
  5. Adobe fixes zero-day Flash bug after attackers target Russian clinic with exploit - Read Here
  6.  Uber fined £385,000 for losing UK customer data - Read Here
  7. Fake fitness apps steal money using Apple’s Touch ID feature - Read Here

November 11 - 24, 2018 

  1. The US Sits out an International Cyber Security Agreement - Read Here
  2. Amazon admits it exposed customer email addresses - Read Here
  3. Study: Internal Negligence, Not Hackers, Responsible for Half of Data Breaches - Read Here
  4. VisionDirect Blindsided by Magecart in Data Breach - Read Here
  5. Data breach leaves thousands of ETSU employees vulnerable - Read Here
  6. Nordstrom Falls Victim to Unique Data Breach - Read Here
  7. Pair of friends sentenced for 2015 TalkTalk hack - Read Here 
  8. Make-A-Wish website compromised for cryptomining campaign - Read Here 
  9. Google hit with IP hijack taking down several services - Read Here

October 28 - Nov. 10, 2018 

  1. Secret Service warns of USPS ‘Informed Delivery’ scam - Read Here
  2. Democrats in the House promise cyber security policy changes - Read Here
  3. Top Australia defense firm reports serious cyber breach - Read Here
  4. Oracle’s VirtualBox vulnerability leaked by disgruntled researcher - Read Here
  5. Major Cyber Security Breach Affects 22 Pakistani Banks - Read Here
  6. Intel releases draft national privacy bill - Read Here
  7. Health Data Breach Compromised PHI on 566K CNO Customers - Read Here

October 14-27, 2018 

  1. Cathay Pacific Has Suffered the Biggest Airline Data Breach Ever - Read Here
  2. Security Onion Announces the Launch of Open Source CommunityBro - Read Here
  3. CrowdStrike Hires Goldman Sachs to Lead IPO - Read Here
  4. Google Privacy Update Makes it Easier for Users to Review and Delete Search Data - Read Here
  5. Yahoo Agrees to $50 million in a Breach Settlement - Read Here
  6. British Airways: 185,000 More Passengers May Have Details Stolen - Read Here
  7. Cloudflare is Preparing for a $3.5 Billion IPO - Read Here

October 1-13, 2018 

  1. Department of Defense Data Breach Exposes 30,000 Employees - Read Here
  2. Facebook Could Face up to $1.6 Billion in Fines over Data Breach - Read Her
  3. Heathrow Airport Fined for USB Stick Data Breach - Read Here
  4. Dr. Igor Mezic Joins PacketSled as Chief Scientist – Read Here
  5. BEC attack scams Texas school district out of $600,000 - Read Here
  6. ACLU seeks Mass. police’s browsing history after tweet reveals possible monitoring of activist groups - Read Here

September, 2018:

  1. Facebook Breach Exposes info on 50M UsersRead Here
  2. Chinese Cyberattacks Against U.S. Are in Decline – Read Here
  3. Dr. Igor Mezic Joins PacketSled as Chief Scientist – Read Here
  4. Government will Publicly Name the Hackers who Attack the US – Read Here
  5. Uber will pay $148 million in Connection with a 2016 data breach – Read Here
  6. United Nations Data Breach Leaks Passwords and Other Data - Read Here
  7. Blue Cross Accused of Destroying Evidence in Data Breach LawsuitRead Here

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