Tomorrow’s Mission. Today.

Today’s cyber attackers are subtle and silent. Obtaining and integrating the proper network intelligence in order to gain or enhance situational awareness of this new breed of attacks is one of the most challenging technical problems in Cyber Security today. PacketSled can see deeply into network payloads, giving analysts the ability to identify and triage attacks based individual activities of bad actors.

Mission Ready Today

PacketSled performs capture, translation, normalization, and sharing of data in one integrated solution. We combine fast search, scalable storage, and intuitive visual analysis to provide the ultimate cyber defense solution.

Designed for Tomorrow

Built on 10 years of research, PacketSled is a powerful, next-generation security analytics platform that enables real-time theater and enterprise wide forensic investigation and collaboration. Our technology is designed to give analysts immediate attack detection, geolocation, and actor identification capabilities.

Analyst Tested

Our next-generation analyst interface uses interactive visualizations to immediately identify anomalies, reducing the time and effort associated with responding to an incident. A primary design principle behind our product is that every visual element is purpose-built – geared toward data exploration.

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