Successful security operations and incident response in today’s quickly changing business environment requires the ability to easily identify attacks by protocol, data fragments, users, and other attributes. For the first time ever, companies using PacketSled can identify and mitigate attacks and security anomalies that threaten the safe and secure delivery of your products and services. PacketSled gives your security team the real-time visibility they need in order to make fast, accurate decisions about how to defend your assets. Our technology deploys in traditional datacenter environments, and can easily be deployed in cloud environments as well.
Data security
Nation states and independents regularly threaten critical infrastructure. Successful prevention of these attacks relies heavily on our ability to attribute them to individual groups and bad actors. PacketSled can provide analysts and mobile personnel with immediate, actionable intelligence about cyber threats. We use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology to quickly classify, isolate and prioritize threats into categories that can be addressed by analysts and deployed personnel. For the first time ever, users can quickly collaborate on events based on geolocation, theater, or data access history. PacketSled provides an end-to-end answer to the questions of who, when, and what.
Carrier networks bear the burden of providing critical infrastructure to the masses. Security incidents on critical assets can affect millions of users simultaneously. For the first time, carriers can monitor their own assets, provide insightful security analytics data to their customers, and prevent compromises on infrastructure that, left unmonitored, could pose nationwide, or worldwide communications failures.

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