Real-time analysis, detection, and forensics for advanced targeted attacks

Detect, prevent, and respond to security incidents in real-time. True security intelligence starts with a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening on the network, from the big picture down to detailed transactions.  PacketSled provides security professionals with unprecedented intelligence and visibility into security events within complex big data environments. Find what matters most, quickly – with PacketSled.



  • Improve security intelligence and situational awareness through scalable continuous monitoring.
  • Find unknown and advanced attacks through behavioral search, interactive visual analytics and real-time alerting.
  • Actionable intelligence. See the full context of an incident and perform root cause analysis in order to understand how to detect and prevent future attacks.
  • Improve analyst and SOC efficiency. Don’t wait minutes or hours for answers. Unique natural language search, visual analytics and real-time optimized big data cluster help analysts quickly find what matters most, leading to faster identification and resolution times, when it matters most.
  • Reduce and eliminate the impact of security incidents on operations, compliance, security and reputation through improved security visibility and actionable intelligence.
  • Leverage your existing security products and infrastructure by being able to competently investigate alerts and drive them to resolution.


Fast, natural-language behavioral searchTM

Quickly find what matters to your investigation using our powerfully intuitive natural language search. PacketSled’s semantic security model lets analysts search in terms they understand, and get results in under 5 seconds. Search mountains of transactional data for patterns of behavior.

Interactive Visual Analytics

Interactive Visual Analytics reveal unknown and advanced attacks with cutting edge visual analysis and human intelligence. Quickly detect and interact with previously hidden attack patterns within months of data. Our innovative visualizations are designed to help analysts quickly detect suspicious activity, anomalies and significant events that can’t readily be identified algorithmically.

Real-time Alerting

Detect advanced threats and suspicious behavior as they are underway using real-time alerting. Our drag-and-drop visual rule builder speeds the creation of complex behavioral pattern matching rules which are actively monitoring network activity for advanced threats.

Unprecedented Real-Time Visibility

Find what matters most within the full context of every incident, whether usernames, filenames, email or instant message contents, or attachments. PacketSled classifies over 6,000 rich metadata attributes from within 1,300 protocols.

Performance at scale

Volume, velocity and variety. PacketSled is optimized to monitor, classify, store and analyze big data at massive scale. Our high-performance sensors can extract meaning at true 10Gbps speeds. Long-term storage is also fast and responsive to support multiple, simultaneous real-time analyst queries. PacketSled aggregators can be modularly clustered to add performance, retention and analytical power.

Cost-effective, Long-term Retention

Finding what matters most shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive. With 78% of compromises being discovered months or years after the fact, long-term record retention is crucial. Gain months of visibility into historical forensic records at a fraction of the cost of competing “full-packet” solutions.


PacketSled’s natural language search leverages geolocation information, enabling searches and alerts based on country of origin or destination. For example, find all traffic from R&D networks to export restricted countries such as China, North Korea, Iran. View all traffic from European partners who may have additional compliance requirements for PII.

PCAP Import

Easily import and view PCAPs from non-monitored networks, or historic data to identify security incidents using the PacketSled analytics suite.


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