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Threat Hunting and Endpoints; A Dr. Stephenson tutorial

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“Packetsled provides the enrichment that triggers early warnings and proactive action to prevent breaches.”


SC Magazine’s Dr. Peter Stephenson analyzes the best threat hunting platforms in cyber security. Read the full blog here

Data Connectors San Diego – April 14th, 2016

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Join PacketSled April 14th, 2016 at the Handlery Hotel in San Diego for Data Connectors San Diego. packetsled-data-connectors-san-diego

We’ll be giving away an Apple TV and T-Shirts so be sure to drop by the booth.


PacketSled @ RSA 2016

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Join us at RSA 2016:

RSA 2016

We’ll be presenting our first public demonstrations of IRES, the Incident Response Expert System at RSA 2016. Come join us in the Reservoir Labs booth (#N4321) for one of our two tech talks on the subject:

  • Tuesday March 1st at 2pm
  • Wednesday March 2nd at 2pm

incident response expert system (IRES) Read more about IRES

PacketSled CEO Interviewed for Huffington Post Live

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Ben FitzGerald @benatworkdc and PacketSled @PacketSled CEO Matt Harrigan appeared on Huffington Live today to discuss the Anonymous’ declaration of war against ISIS. Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.35.44 PM Watch the Interview

PacketSled Tapped for TechCrunch Article on Data Breaches

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Jon Biggs at TechCrunch recently reached out to PacketSled CEO Matt Harrigan among others to provide insight on what it means to be breached. The article, titled “So You’ve Been Breached” details the affects of several breaches from a number of angles and provides measures we can all take to prevent further mayhem.

Read the full article

PacketSled CEO Interview by the Hill on Anonymous Motivations

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As Anonymous was set to release identities of individuals involved in the KKK, the Hill interviewed PacketSled CEO Matt Harrigan for his take on the group’s motivations.

But others are skeptical about Anonymous’s true intentions.

“The motivation of Anonymous as a whole really is to get attention,” said Matt Harrigan, president and CEO of cyber threat detection firm PacketSled, who monitors the hacking group. “It’s a PR machine for causes that somebody inside Anonymous has decided are important.”

And the KKK makes for perfect prey.

“They’re a target because they’re obviously not well liked, but at the same time they make a great news story,” Harrigan said. “What’s the thing that people despise more than anything? An organized hate group.” [Matt Harrigan]

Operation KKK has been exhaustively making the case for its digital crusade over the last week.

Read the full article

PacketSled CEO Confirms a Lack of Reduction in Cyber Attacks Emenating from China

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PacketSled CEO @mattharrigan was quoted in eWeek regarding the recent US-China cyber pact. The article calls the pact into question after tapping sources in the cyber security industry who verify the lack of reduction in attacks emanating from Chinese nation-state backed actors.

“There is no indication from our perspective that the usual behavior from nation-state attackers in China or any other country has slowed in any way,” Harrigan told eWEEK. “It is important to remember that public-facing international policy statements are often vastly different from the reality of what happens in the world of U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies engaged in tradecraft.”
Read the full article

Using PacketSled to Solve SANS Forensic Challenge #6

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Beginning with challenge #6 – “Ann’s Aurora” we will be revisiting SANS forensics contests where deep network insights are required, and releasing a series of videos hat highlight how some of these challenges can be solved using PacketSled’s advanced breach detection and network forensics capabilities.

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