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PacketSled names John Keister President and CEO

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SAN DIEGO, Oct. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — PacketSled, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based network visibility, detection, incident response and breach forensics, today named John Keister as its new President and Chief Executive Officer. He steps in at an important time for PacketSled as it aims to build its market position and expand its customer footprint. The company also announced that it raised more than $3.5 million, primarily from existing investors, to continue to fund the company’s growth.

Fred Wilmot, who has served as CTO since June 2016 and as interim CEO since November 2016, will remain as CTO. Wilmot is a former Splunk executive and a security industry expert, serving as an advisor at the Managed Security Services Provider Ravenii and as a principal at AM Cyber. The company’s VP Sales, Jared Ballou, is a former sales executive at the public cybersecurity company Rapid7, and he will continue in his current position. Justin Stottlemyer, an Intuit engineering executive with previous technical leadership roles at Facebook and PayPal, will remain on the board as an outside director.

Keister has previous experience as a co-founder, president and chief operating officer at two technology companies focused on search, online advertising and analytics. These two companies, Go2Net and Marchex, each successfully grew to an annual revenue run rate of more than $100 million and successfully completed the IPO process. Keister’s previous operating responsibilities included oversight of sales, business development, marketing, engineering and technical operations. He also has 10-plus years of experience investing in early-stage software companies and sitting on the boards of directors for several of these companies.

“John’s experience as a founder and operator at both early-stage companies and public companies will amplify PacketSled’s product team as we prepare for the next phase of our growth,” said Wilmot.

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PacketSled is Recognized for the Second Year in a Row as SC Magazine’s Industry Innovator in Next-Generation Security Monitoring and Analytics

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SC Magazine’s 2016 Industry Innovator names PacketSled one of only five who have defined what it really means to be “next-generation.”    
“Applying advanced analytics to threat hunting and evolving an analyst’s tool into an analyst’s tool that also has very strong monitoring, detection, case management and alerting functions.”
The article comes after technology editor Peter Stephenson conducted a second review of the product. In the review, he quickly arrives at yet another one of PacketSled’s key tenants:
“We never have seen that level of support response in any of the products we have reviewed and it provides a realbeneift both to new users and experienced users with a difficult problem.”
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SC Magazine Names PacketSled Innovator in Next-Generation Security Monitoring and Analytics

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SC Magazine’s 2015 Industry Innovator segment names PacketSled one of only three innovators in the space. The magazine describes the next generation of monitoring products as:

“sophisticated analytic algorithms, machine learning and heavy, cloud-based analysis allowing very lightweight agents on the enterprise.”
Network forensics dashboard

The article comes after technology editor Peter Stephenson conducted a thorough review of the product, in both live traffic and research environments. In the review, he quickly arrives at one of PacketSled’s key tenants:

“in managing security incidents, speed counts. PacketSled provides easy, fast understanding that allows analysts to pick useful information out of the noise”

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PacketSled Earns Buy Recommendation and Perfect Score from SC Magazine

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The digital forensics group test review earned PacketSled five-out-of-five stars across all categories: features, ease-of-use, performance, documentation, support and value for the money. The review also cites PacketSled’s unique visualizations, excellent analytics and ease of installation among other qualities leading to the 5 star rating.

“This is an excellent tool with depth and a massive amount of actionable information available to prevent and analyze complex breaches.” – Dr. Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine

While the majority of solutions in the space are focused on a single threaded approach to solving for detection and response, PacketSled identifies threats using a combination of sensor based and cloud analytics, signatures, and threat intelligence, providing incident responders the ability to dive deeply into a threat, or hunt through data on a massive scale.

“We’re very pleased to be rated so highly in this group test. Continuous Monitoring, Forensics, and Incident Response are the fastest growing areas in security for good reasons. Attackers are continuously evolving their strategy, making the combination of real-time visibility with a full fidelity network history one of the most important considerations in information security,” said Matt Harrigan, the company’s President and CEO. “Our consumption-based billing and cloud model enables us to help customers in the mid-market that have previously been unable to deploy these measures due to cost considerations.”

PacketSled can ingest data at speeds ranging from sub-1Gbps to 100Gbps and can be deployed via a software install in mere minutes. The platform gives security analysts the ability to discern real attacks from noise, dramatically reducing the time it takes to resolve serious security incidents.

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Hi there. We’re very excited to announce PacketSled Toboggan at this year’s BlackHat briefings. We’re around the show, so please feel free to reach out if you’d like to see a demo of our technology.

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