Continuously monitor for advanced threats and policy violations missed by other defenses, then analyze and remediate in record time.

Continuous network security, in the cloud.

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In Real Time

Advanced Behavioral Detection

Alert to advanced threats, policy violations and data exfiltration, which typically go undetected by signature-based products.

Leverage public and private threat intelligence to identify Indicators of Compromise — internal hosts communicating with malicious domains and IPs — in real-time.


Detect malicious files in your network traffic automatically.

All software, continous network monitoring

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Advanced Network Forensics

At big data scale

Network Forensics Visualized

Find advanced threats and policy violations faster by visualizing conversations, mapping dissimilar parameters and exposing temporal relationships.

Search Like You Think™

Find behavioral correlations between users, applications and attacks through natural language search and features such as regular expressions, ‘like’ operators and attribute grouping.

Security Force Multiplier

Become more efficient by reducing time required to identify, contain and remediate alerts.

Continuous network security, in the cloud.

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Require an on-premise solution? We do that too.

Unprecedented Visibility

Into Security Events

Unrivaled History and Context

PacketSled’s eight thousand meta data attributes, selective full packet capture and file extraction makes storing and accessing a full year of network activity affordable and performant... without compromising on context.

800x the Context of Logs & Netflow, 12x the History of Full Packet

Deep Packet Inspection

PacketSled extracts and stores the most important information from network traffic. From these attributes, a complete forensic investigation can be launched.

  • 16 Families
  • 2200+ Protocols
  • 8000+ Meta Data Attributes

Selective Full Packet Capture

Capture full packets for traffic matching specific IPs, ports and protocols, then download the result for review in full packet inspection tools.

A Time Machine for Security Events

The average detection occurs 90 days after the attack. PacketSled provides 12-15 months of history in the same disk space a legacy full packet solution stores on 30 days, allowing you to discover the complete scope of the attack and fully remediate.


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"Whats so unique about PacketSled is that you can instantly fire it up on a VM, collect the -right- information, and find the incident you’re looking for immediately."

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